Day 2: The Feather Damaging Parrot: Diagnostic Work-Up and Therapeutic Options

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Feather damaging behavior (FDB), also referred to as feather destructive behavior, feather plucking, feather picking or pterotillomania, is one of the most common and frustrating conditions to address in captive parrots. Successful management is largely dependent on the correct and timely identification of the underlying signaling stimuli or factors contributing to the onset of the problem behavior and the reinforcing aspects and consequences that maintain the behavior. This lecture will provide an overview of the underlying aetiologies, diagnostic considerations and treatment options for FDB in the psittacine patient.
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Yvonne van Zeeland

DVM, MVR, PhD, DipECZM (Avian, Small Mammal), CPBC

Yvonne van Zeeland graduated with merit from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Utrecht, The Netherlands) in 2004. Having worked briefly in private practice, she returned to academia to successfully complete an internship in Companion Animal Medicine, residency in Avian Medicine and PhD on feather damaging behaviour in Grey parrots. Yvonne currently works as an Associate Professor at the Division of Zoological Medicine, and actively contributes to the (inter)national development and advancement of avian and exotic animal medicine through lecturing, publishing and membership of various professional organizations and committees, including having served as President for the Association of Avian Veterinarians. For these ongoing and outstanding contributions to the field, she received the T.J. Lafeber Avian Practitioner of the Year Award in 2021.

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This webinar starts at 19:30 AEST
on June 12, 2024.

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Dr Philip Judge

BVSc MVS PG Cert Vet Clin Stud MACVSc (Vet. Emergency and Critical Care; Medicine of Dogs)
Philip graduated from Massey University in New Zealand in 1992, and spent 7 years in small animal practice before undertaking a 3-year residency in veterinary emergency and critical care at the University of Melbourne in 1998.

Following his residency, Philip worked for nearly 6 years at the Animal Emergency Centre in Melbourne, becoming the Senior Veterinarian at the centre in 2004. In 2006, Philip undertook a 1-year surgical externship before moving to Townsville to take up the position of Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care at JCU.
Philip is also co-founder, and director of Vet Education Pty Ltd ( – one of Australia’s leading providers of online continuing education for veterinarians and veterinary nurses.

Philip has published numerous manuals and guides concerning emergency medicine, including a CRI manual, haematology and biochemistry interpretation guide, emergency anaesthesia guide, and a ventilation therapy manual for small animals, in addition to being published in peer reviewed literature.

Philip’s key interests in veterinary science include respiratory emergencies, ventilation therapy, envenomations and toxicology.